25 Dec

Amazon Alexa will order us a pizza

Voice of the Amazons assistant becomes an increasingly useful tool. Alexa has just been enriched with the Pizza Hut network. So maybe we can order our favorite pizza.

Alex's digital assistant, Amazon, has gained a lot of functionality over the past year. Initially SI was used only for simple tasks and searching the web for relevant information, however, from month to month, its capabilities grew. The recently added feature will appeal to tasty pizza lovers.

Last year Amazon boosted its product with the ability to order Domino's pizza. Now Alexa is also able to place such order on Pizza Hut. Just say a specific voice command and in a few minutes to pick up a hot cake.

Unfortunately, the option is not as functional as one might think and has some limitations. It works on the basis of our previous orders, or previously chosen favorite pizza. In other words, Alexa can only make a pizza order that we have configured in our Pizza Hut account and can not compose your order with it.

You can, however, choose the type of beverage and the type of payment, and determine whether you want to pay by credit card or cash.