08 Dec

Developers HoloLens for 3 thousand. dollars

Microsoft has just announced the launch date of the HoloLens developer edition of the goggle edition, as well as the official price. The product, which is undoubtedly impressive on users, will be available as early as March 30. Unfortunately, they will only be able to afford it to the largest companies, as the manufacturer has priced it at as much as $ 3,000.

Microsoft HoloLens is one of the most promising technologies of recent years to bring the real world to the virtual world. The device will be available as of March 30 in the developer edition, intended for software developers who will be able to use it in their activities, designing new games and applications.

However, few manufacturers will afford this device, as Microsoft has set its price to an absurdly high $ 3,000. This price level virtually eliminates small studios from the game, who would also like to engage in new software development and will certainly cool the enthusiasm of many small businesses.

Such a high price of the developer version also raises concerns about the price of commercial edition of the device. Of course, it is important to remember that the dev kit is in a software package that is usually quite expensive, but you can not exclude that HoloLens will be much more expensive than the Oculus Rif. And if this is the case, then the market success of the product may be under the great question mark.