01 Nov

Further sources confirm the appearance of the Apple TV

Since the first rumor has surfaced on the Internet that Apple is gearing up to launch its own television, speculation about this device is increasing. Although the lack of specific information on it and even the least clear prototype photos, all claim that Apple TV will rise. Some even maintain that they have seen an operating Apple TV.

Trusted, but wanting to remain anonymous (as always), the Cult of Mac site reports that the new Apple TV looks like an overgrown monitor with a biting apple logo. He claims that the device is equipped with FaceTime iSight webcam that allows face-to-face conversations that can recognize the face of a user's face and focus on it, even if the person is moving around the room.

The software of the TV can be controlled using voice commands by Siri, an electronic assistant known from the latest iPhone. Transferring media from other Apple devices can be done wirelessly with the AirPlay technology used successfully in the Apple TV set-top box. It is almost certain that if the TV actually emerges, it will offer all the multimedia features the "box" that Apple currently has in its offer.