20 Dec

Hair color changing color

The Unseen has developed a new type of paint for hair painting. Its uniqueness is that there is no fixed color. It changes because of the temperature.

Women love to change their hair color and do it very often, however, which is not good either for the hair itself or for their wallets. Frequent use of chemicals destroys hair, and paint costs quite a lot, not to mention hairdressing services, if someone does not like to self-imposed.

The Unseen has created a completely new paint that does not need to be painted so often. Paint itself can change color under the influence of temperature and outside the house may turn red, and after returning home will return to more natural colors. This is possible thanks to its carbon-based molecules, which under the influence of temperature changes change the absorption of light and thus give the impression of color change.

Lauren Bowker, responsible for creating new paints, ensures that, thanks to the materials used, it is less toxic than the typical hair dye available in stores. So even frequent use of it will not be particularly damaging to hair.