22 Feb

Pandora tightens the bond of musicians with fans

Social networking sites have helped to break the barrier between artists and their fans, providing both parties with direct communication. Now it has become even bigger, thanks to the new feature introduced in Pandora's service, and enables contractors to embroil the streaming voice message for their fans.

Pandora is a music service that provides a marketing platform for music performers, enabling them to reach fans directly with their creativity. They can not only listen to the latest songs of their favorite stars, but also talk directly with them, express their opinions on music, get to know their concert plans,

Pandrora now allows even more connection between the artists and its fans, as it has launched a completely new feature called AMPcast. This option allows the performers to record a voice message that will be inserted into the audio stream that the user hears.

The function will certainly be very useful for announcing fans of the release of the new album, or for the availability of tickets for the next concert, but that is only part of its potential. The message may be accompanied by a link, after which we will get more details.

Naturally, users do not have to fear that suddenly while listening to music, the reception will be disturbed by the playback of the message. Pandora offers this option only for the artists we like, so it will not appear on the occasional performers. Besides, unlike ads, you can scroll through the message, or completely turn off the appearance.