30 Nov

Smartphone prototype loaded with sound

British researchers have developed a prototype of a new smartphone, which users will no longer have to worry about the battery being unloaded at the least expected moment. The device has a technology that allows its charging with street noise.

All smartphone users are well aware of the battery problem, which according to Murphy's law is always unloaded at the least expected moment, when we are far from home. Of course this is no longer a big deal, as we can always carry a portable energy bank with us, but a much more interesting solution to this problem has been developed by researchers from London's Queen Mary University.

The research team together with Nokia developed a prototype smartphone powered by sound. Device size Nokia Lumia 925 has special nanogenerators that produce energy from the noise, and to say from the vibration caused by the sound, turning them into electricity.

The technology comes from Korean scientists who presented her project four years ago, presenting the world a concept called "piezoelectric effect" describing an electric circuit made of zinc oxide nanopowire, which could be subjected to mechanical stress, thus compressed, stretched or curved. Koreans have discovered that nanoparticles are so sensitive that they can bend in response to sound pressure.

An electric generator was created that uses solutions developed by Korean scientists and installed in a smartphone prototype. Being exposed to loud noises, such as street noise, talking or music, is capable of producing a voltage of up to 5V, which is sufficient to charge the battery.