02 Mar

Virgin Galactic has permission for space flights

Virgin Galactic consortium, which is planning to launch its first space flight this year, has finally received the approval of the Federal Aviation Commission. This means that soon everyone with a suitably thick wallet will be able to experience what has so far been reserved only for astronauts.

The commercial space flight era is getting longer and bigger. One of the first companies planning to offer this type of service is Virgin Galactic, which is planning to launch a virgin flight this year. Tickets for this extraordinary event were sold for $ 250,000, and one of them was bought by the well-known singer Lady Gaga, who is the first artist in the world to go to a concert in space.

Preparations for the first Virgin Galactic flight may now start in full swing, as the consortium has received official FAA approval to break away from the ground.

Consent means Virgin Galactic will now have to work with the National Airspace System to implement all security procedures governing commercial space flight. The launch will take place at Spaceport America Spaceport in New Mexico, where SpaceshipTwo will be located. Space tourists will not get too many early, as they can take only eight people aboard.